I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s ‘This is Marketing’. It prompted me to write this article.

It’s making me think more deeply about my business, my clients, my network, my communities, and my work. 

There is a key sentiment in the book that’s really standing out to me.

“People like us, do things like this”

It’s a call to a like-minded community.

Here’s my take on it for the Focus4growth community of clients, leaders and high-performers.

Who are ‘we’?

We are Sales Leaders, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Performers who are ‘stepping up’.

We are people in business, and life, who continually focus on their growth & development.

We are aiming to reach the next level, then the next, then the next, then the next….. infinitum.

We are continually searching to discover better, do better and be better.

We are the learners, we appreciate the value in approaching each situation with a beginner’s mind.

We are connecting with the leaders who search beyond their own function, to seek broader knowledge and growth.

We stretch and expand, embracing our ‘discomfort zones’.

We are looking to strengthen ourselves, our teams, our organisation, our external peers and connect with our clients at an even deeper level.

We want to win and we want to succeed.

We are prepared to play the long game. Not short-term ‘do anything it takes to win’ winning.

Winning as part of the journey, as well as the destination.

We are people who want to create something bigger than us. To make our mark, to be an inspiration to those we serve and lead.

We are the leaders. Not born leaders, not even ‘chosen’ for leadership, but ‘we choose’ to do it.

We make a difference, it may be small steps, but we take them.

We help, we inspire, we share, we teach, we coach.

We are the change we want to see in the world.

If you’re one of us, or feel like you want to be, then join us.

Remember ‘people like us, do things like this’.

At Focus4growth there are so many ways you can get involved.

You can connect on all platforms:



You can engage with our content.



You can join our group, and connect with each other:


You can share it with your own network.

You can give us feedback so we get better.

You can tell us if you agree.

You can tell us if you don’t agree, it’s all important.

You can reach out for a chat, you can become more than a connection.

You can become a member of the community.

You can become a client.

But mostly, you can be yourself.

If this sounds like you, reach out.

If it doesn’t, good luck finding your tribe.

Justin can be reached at the following address:

email: [email protected]

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