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Justin’s style is fantastic.He really delivers, in terms of communication skills, ethical selling, how to sell treatments to patients in the right way. The course fulfilled all my expectations. I think it is something most dentists need to do.
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Paul Abrahams

Clinical Director, Dentex

An amazing course! Justin is so inspiring. He really helps to put a consistent sales process in place. Understanding the way we should do things more effectively, and efficiently is all part of these two days. I have really enjoyed it and thoroughly recommend it!
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Sameer Patel

Co-founder, Elleven Dental Wellness

Justin has a massive sales background. I’ve done plenty of other sales courses but it’s important to continuously learn more. I wanted to really refine our sales process. Justin has helped us to make progress in our communication and sales approach.
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Sanjay Shah

Co-founder, Together Dental

I’ve picked up loads of great insights on this course that I’m going to implement. Justin is very engaging and what I like is that he allows the group to talk and share experiences. The style and pace is really good. Sales is such a valuable skill, so I definitely recommend you checkit out. You will definitelyleave withsome new skills for sure!
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Milad Shadrooh

The Singing Dentist

I was looking for ways to strengthen my communication skills. Justin really gets us to think and work with each other to agree best practice. It’s really helped me think about how I can do things better and ways to streamline my practice, in clinic, out of clinic and also take back information for our team.What we’ve been provided with in terms of course support material and structure is incredible. I’ll find it really useful to take back with me.
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Anna Middleton

The London Hygienist

I would definitely recommend this course. You don’t really need to be a dentist to benefit from this course, you could be from any background as long as it’s sales related. You will get so many pearls of wisdom from him and his past experiences. The course content is excellent and the group work really makes best practice in communication and sales.
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Kin Parekh

Principal, Campbell Dental Practice

The course hasbeen absolutely fantastic, and for me incredible. The combination of personal self-awareness and proven sales techniques is really thought provoking. I have taken so much from the two days together. I have been in sales for 20 years but I have learned so much from the two days. The combination of content and best practice sharing from the group is really valuable. I’d definitely recommend it.
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Cat McLennan

Operations Director , MiSmile Network

I’ve worked with Justin before andI was looking forward to the motivation that he always brings to any course. Whilst this is about practice growth, there are so many other aspects for general businessgrowth and self-development in your professional life as well. The course has been amazing, very inspirational, very motivational. It’s a really positive open environment to learn lots of different hints and tips I can use.
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Fiona Harrison

Account Manager, Mismile Network

I recommend this course for many reasons. This course does a really good job in creating a path. Helping us think about what we need to do next, create a clear vision and focus the mind. I really like using the INSPIRe toolkit, it works very well as a practical, visual tool. It’s quite a workshop, it’s really interactive, half of the course is working in groups which helped to share different insights.
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Anya Sieinska

Associate, Titchfield Dental Practice

I was looking for insights and understanding into the dental industry. However, what I have come away with is real understanding of the needs and wants and desires of the dental team and the obstacles that they face every day. Justin comes across brilliantly. He has real interaction and connection with his delegates. It has been really thought provoking, insightful and I have come away with some real thoughts about how to work more closely with our dental clients.
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Gary Lincoln

Director , TXM Group

Since our Sales Training & Leadership Coaching we’re seeing higher performance, better motivation and greater teamwork. The business is also growing at a pace we are delighted with. The future looks bright for SDI and we’ll be working with Focus4Growth to help us further accelerate growth in the future.”

Michael Farrow

European Sales Manager, SDI

Justin has an enthusiasm and positivity that leaves people feeling uplifted. He’s also developed models and principles that help to implement the ideas he shares. It’s an unusual and valuable combination to energise people and have the tools to harness that energy into real results.

Sandeep Kumar

Invisalign Diamond Provider and Founder, MiSmile

Justin has all the very best traits you could hope to see in a leader and a coach. He is highly skilled in a variety of sales and strategic processes and is world-class in team-building, leadership with passion and accountability to change. The work he does delivers outstanding results.

Nav Kumar

EMEA Senior Commercial Manager, Align Technology

Justin inspires positive thinking and more importantly a positive self-worth. My team all came out saying that he had challenged them to change the way they interact on a business and personal basis making them even more optimistic, focused and proactive. 

Sonia Tracey

Managing Director, W&H UK Ltd

Through a number of sessions, Justin quickly established himself, earning the trust and respect of our team, enabling him to influence them and their behaviour positively, engaging through a professional approach and using outstanding materials.

Michael G Cann

Managing Director, Septodont Ltd

Our sales team gelled quickly with Justin and engaged with the development programme. 12 months on, the approaches and tools we were introduced to through the programme have become key to how we manage customer relationships and drive the growth of our business.

Tim Price

Sales Director, Blink Medical

Each session with Justin compelled you to question your current approach, helping you develop new techniques to influence future performance.  A very inspirational course, the content, delivery and pace were perfect!

Gavin Knight

Chief Technical Officer, W&H UK Ltd

Justin is the epitome of a growth coach and even over Zoom, has a unique way of delivering content that resonates with our audience and kick-starts action and progress.

Ali Meredith

Programme Director, The MiSmile Network

Justin consistently delivers expertly taught workshops and keeps focus and attention with groups by delivering the training in a motivational, clear and engaging way. Any company that works with Justin will not regret their choice of choosing him as a sales training provider for their business.

Darryl Moore

Marketing and Communications Manager, British Dental Industry Association

The impact the training and coaching has made on the team, and our business, has been outstanding.  Justin has such vast business experience, I would recommend him to any business owner or leader looking to reach the next level of performance.

Sian Jenkins

Head of Sales, Odeon Cinema

Justin has a positive energy that is matched by his business leadership experience, it’s an incredibly valuable combination that can help transform business team’s performance and results.  We look forward to working with Justin again in the future.

Roei Haberman

Chief Revenue Officer, NTT Data UK&I

Justin has managed to introduce and reinforce many models which are tailored to our business. The whole team have embraced these and is actively using what has been learned in the day-to-day sales process and customer interactions. Already this is delivering positive results.

Christopher Moore

National Sales Manager, Acteon Group

Every time Justin and I work together it forces me to raise my standards, to step up and be more. There aren’t many people that can give me that level of clarity, and motivation and stimulate my growth.  That’s what I get from working with Justin. 10 out of 10!”

Alex Hughes

Entrepreneur, Multiple Businesses

Following the training I noticed a much higher confidence in my engagement with clients and customers, as well as a greater appreciation of the psychology behind the human interaction involved in sales and marketing. During a very unsettled time (the Covid-19 pandemic) I beat all of my targets, and am on track to overachieve by 150% this financial year.

Tim Berrow

Global Product and Business Development Manager, Celox Medical

If you’re looking for a high impact, engaging and structured approach to sales training that your team will find easy to adopt, then I recommend a conversation with Justin and the team at Focus4Growth.”

Paul Wren

Senior Commercial Manager, Partnerships & Events - UK & Ireland - ODEON Cinema Group

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