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“Great Dental teams are not born, they are made”

Justin Leigh



In the fastest growing practices the dental team are higher performers, not just clinically but professionally. Their approach to patient consultations and communication is completely different. 

We’re privileged to work with some amazing dental clients that are the fastest-growing businesses in their sector. Some of the businesses that work with us to inspire growth are; Align Technology, Biohorizons Camlog, MiSmile Network, the BDA, DD Group and many more.

Our Founder Justin Leigh has been invited to partner with the British Dental Industry Association as their preferred Sales Trainer and Coach for their member companies and he works with leading practice groups and associations.

The challenge facing many dental teams is the same the world over, they’re great clinicians but they haven’t been trained to effectively communicate with patients. They know their practice, their treatments, and their patients, but they haven’t been formally trained how to understand the patient’s needs and position treatments in a way that is truly compelling.  It’s the biggest missed opportunity for practices that want to build a growing and thriving private practice.

We use the models from the best-selling book INSPIRE, CONSULT, SELL to transform patient consultations and practice results.


Inspire, Consult, Sell

Master the consultative communication skills of the world’s best dental teams to deliver a world class patient experience.

Learn how to grow your practice with more impactful consultations.


The Top 3 Consultation Challenges facing our dental clients today:

1. Asking for commitment

2. Asking the right questions

3. Explaining benefits of treatment

These challenges result in low treatment acceptance rates. Clinicians are not confident to communicate with patients about treatment options. They feel hesitant and patient’s sense it. They offer standard treatments and struggle to grow their private practice.  Patient’s feel indifferent about treatment.  Growth opportunities are not realised.

It doesn’t have to be this way; the solution is simple and powerful.  We train and coach practice teams and managers to accelerate growth using consultative sales training and coaching leadership training programs based on the bestselling book Inspire, Consult, Sell. We start by inviting participants to complete the Patient Experience Scorecard to assess the dental teams’ current performance levels in consultations.

We use the data from your Scorecard to shape the program content.

The program covers the three foundations of World Class Business Performance:

1 – Psychology
2 – Skills
3 – Systems

We start with models from positive psychology and mindset. Then we utilise the simple but powerful ‘Prepare²’ framework. Finally, we work through the best-in-class ‘INSPIRe Consultative Sales System’.

All of our workshops are interactive, highly engaging and focused on action and implementation. Tailored to suit the participants’ needs these workshops are truly transformational for dentists and their teams.

The model has been designed to be incredibly easy for leaders to coach and embed the new behaviours as their teams apply them in practice.

Our unique blend of mentoring, coaching and consulting, inspires clinicians to communicate differently. We will put you and your team on the path to achieving greater confidence, greater success and ultimately, better results for your practice.

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