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At Focus4growth, we’re very lucky to work with some amazing organisations.

We understand that in order to flourish, business communities must rely on each other for support and encouragement. We’ve found these companies and individuals to be a great source of inspiration.

DenGro is a lead management software solution built for dental practices. It does the heavy lifting for you with automated nurture sequences to keep leads warm, saving your team precious time. At its core is an easy to use daily task list prompting you when you need to make contact with specific leads, along with a host of reporting features so you know how many leads you have at any time, their value and their status, where they came from and how many are converting to treatment.

DenGro captures all your leads in one place, helping you to nurture and convert more of them into customers.

Contact: Louise Buscombe
Email: [email protected]

The Humble Sale is a blog designed to benefit everyone working within the exciting profession of Sales. Selling is both an art and a science. To do it well requires great technical skill plus the ability to communicate and empathise with people effectively. Moreover, Sales professionals have to problem solve and provide help to a wide variety of businesses, individuals and organisations. Additionally, many economies depend on excellent sales people driving growth.

Ben Gaston provides tips, thought-provoking insights and real-world experiences. He is an active Sales Director working for a global company. His aim with the Humble Sale blog is to help sales professionals to be more successful, further their career, challenge their thinking and achieve professional satisfaction.

Contact: Ben Gaston
Email: [email protected]