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Transform your Sales capability.

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In the fastest growing businesses the sales teams are higher performers, they’re more confident, capable and consistent. Their approach to client communication and meetings is completely different. You can learn how to do the same.

Focus4growth Academies have been designed to provide the three things that are key to high performance and your success, the optimal Psychology, Skills and Systems.

Psychology underpins performance.

Understanding how our mind works to either empower us or undermine us, creates power! When we’re on default our mind doesn’t help us unlock our real potential. Positive psychology is used by the highest performers in every field, athletes, business leaders, high performance teams, millions more. We start with the principles of a growth mindset, once you direct your mind your performance follows.

The Right Skills, unlock the next level.

When you’re having sales conversations, there are communication skills that are more influential and persuasive than others and they’re not always obvious. Through our accelerator we learn to develop and sharpen the right skills and how to take a consultative approach to customer conversations and client meetings. Too often Sales professionals rely on simply ‘telling’ customers about their products, services and their business, but there’s a better way to manage sales conversations. We develop the priority, high impact skills one at a time.

The System, gets consistent results.

Successful communicators use a structured approach. They know when to ask a question, when to summarise, when to powerfully position a solution and when to ask for commitment. Get the right stages of the sales process in the right order and it begins to feel effortless for you and your clients. Get it wrong and it feels clunky, disconnected, and awkward, for you and your customer. We use the INSPIRe model, it’s a step by step, easy to apply guide to masterful conversations that work time and time again. It helps you stop pitching to your customers and start inspiring them!

Do you want to know your sales & influencing score?

Benchmark your sales performance with our Sales Acceleration Scorecard.

Answer 46 simple questions and receive your Personalised Professional Development Report.

It takes 12 minutes and it’s free!

Inspire, Influence, Sell – The best-selling book from author & coach Justin Leigh.

Master the psychology, skills and systems of the world’s best sales teams.
The Accelerator and training content is based on the best-selling book from Justin Leigh. The principles and models are proven to work by Focus4growth clients, market leading companies, sales teams and business leaders.

What's Included

Live WebClasses

Our training content has been developed by leading experts and stems from our decades of experience working with thousands of leaders and teams working in sales.

Designed with implementation in mind, so you can put it into practice easily and consistently. Multiple resources, surrounding you with the tools and support you need to go from theory to application rapidly.

Our Accelerators include Live WebClasses designed around tried-and-tested modules and activities, delivered by Justin Leigh and our experienced Mentors & Coaches.

High-Performance Peer Group

Our Accelerator communities are made up of likeminded Sales & Business Professionals who are committed to high performance and their own professional development.

This high-performance community is an essential element of maintaining accountability, motivation, commitment and drive throughout any Accelerator journey.

Clear Actions, every session

Immediately implement the strategies and actions that will help you in your Sales or Business role, so you can create bigger impacts for your customers and their businesses.

Our Accelerators are designed with creation and implementation in mind, and each session is crafted to get you moving in the right direction more quickly.

The INSPIRe Toolkit

Use our INSPIRe toolkit, it’s full of templates and canvases to easily create a blueprint for your Sales & Business role that you can revisit and rework as your best thinking evolves.

When you’re ready and you’ve filled in the toolkit, use the templates to help speed up your implementation of the accelerator content. You can develop assets and communication strategies to help your entire business team to improve, putting you at the heart of the organisation and it’s future success.

ELearning Portal

Gain a deeper understanding of all the key principles and strategies of our Accelerators anytime you want, as many times as you want, with our online learning system.

With hours of content available, our Portal that will enable you to unpack your best thinking, set goals and track your progress, and download templates that you can use to create assets for your business.

Experienced Mentors & Coaches

Learn from experts in the field of business and sales. Not all businesses use a consistent sales system, those that do generate higher performance, faster results and better customer experiences. They’re more enjoyable places to work because they use an approach that works, and that gives everyone more confidence to grow.

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Gold INSPIRe Online Package includes:

Content from Inspire, Influence, Sell

Access to eLearning Portal & App

Sales Acceleration Scorecard

Sales Development Plan

INSPIRe Sales Toolkit for implementation

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Platinum INSPIRe Zoom Academy includes:

Join a High Performing Sales Community

12 x Monthly Live Web Classes

Sessions Recorded - Watch On Demand

Clear Actions after each session

Content from Inspire, Influence, Sell

Access to eLearning Portal & App

Sales Acceleration Scorecard

Sales Development Plan

INSPIRe Sales Toolkit for implementation

Diamond INSPIRe Client Programme includes:

Tailored Sales Workshops

Sales Scorecard Benchmark Reports

In Person Launch & Follow up Workshops

Sessions Recorded - Watch On Demand

Clear Actions after each session

Content from Inspire, Influence, Sell

Access to eLearning Portal & App

Sales Acceleration Scorecard

Sales Development Plan

INSPIRe Sales Toolkit for implementation

Join a community of High-Performing Sales & Business professionals who are transforming their customer experiences and accelerating growth in their businesses.

Start your journey now – benchmark your Sales performance with our Sales Acceleration Scorecard.

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Don’t take our word for it, this is what our clients are saying….

“Justin works with the Odeon Events Business Development team and the feedback from them has been outstanding. Their confidence, performance and results continue to grow. He has such vast business experience; I would recommend him to any Business Owner or leader looking to reach the next level of performance.”

Sian Jenkins

Head of Sales - Odeon Cinema (B2B)

“Your team will be energised, more consistent with their selling approach and their performance will improve. I’m looking forward to seeing how much extra growth this will deliver for EMS UK in the future.”

Derek Hampton

Managing Director at EMS Dental UK

“Justin has all the very best traits you could hope to see in a leader and a coach. He is highly skilled in a variety of sales and strategic processes and is world class in team-building, leadership with passion and accountability to change. The work he does delivers outstanding results.”

Nav Kumar

Senior Commercial Manager at Europe Align Technology

“Justin has a lot of experience in the field which makes him a ‘domain expert’ in Sales & Leadership. He talks from experience, not theory.

The greatest impact for me has been shortening the sales cycle, which delivers a much higher rate of growth.
You should be confident that you will have valuable conversations with Justin, it will help whether you end up working with him or not.”

Joseph Sursock

Senior Vice President at Course 5 Intelligence

“At a time when we really needed to be thinking outside the box, Justin’s approach to remote selling provided a stimulating and progressive training course. We were focusing on digital selling but found that Justin’s training benefitted us all in many ways. He inspires positive thinking and more importantly a positive self-worth. My team all came out saying that he had challenged them to change the way they interact on a business and personal basis making them even more optimistic, focused and proactive. Focus4growth is certainly a training company that we will be using again. Thanks Justin. “

Sonia Tracey

Managing Director at W&H UK Ltd

Praise for Inspire, Influence, Sell,
The Amazon best-selling book.

‘What I love about Justin’s approach and the INSPIRe methodology outlined in this book is its practicality and the way it can be applied to influence any relationship, not just in selling to customers. Ultimately, Inspire, Influence, Sell shows how you can bring your personality and truth to achieve better results for your customers, combined with your passion to deliver value, so you can truly love your roles in sales. If you’re in sales or business development, I recommend you read this book.’

Roei Haberman

Senior Vice President Sales Transformation at NTT DATA UK

‘Ultimately, this is a book that will appeal not only to salespeople, but to anybody who is in a position of management or influence. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out in your sales journey, there’s some great insight here, but for me, more important were the explanations of the methods’ respective roles in the process. While some techniques may sound obvious, it’s amazing how many people don’t realise their importance, fail to adopt them and then wonder why they fail. This book demystifies the process. I’ll be keeping my eye on the bestsellers section.’

Jon Stump,

CEO, Mick George Ltd Sunday Times Top Track 250 2018

‘Inspire, Influence, Sell is a compelling read. I picked it up at the weekend and couldn’t put it down. It’s packed with amazing stories and simple, direct insights into what makes a great salesperson. It is one of the best books on the sales process I’ve ever read, addressing beliefs, skills set and systems. A must-read for anyone who wants to smash it in the world of sales.’

Arif Anis

Bestselling author of I’MPOSSIBLE, Follow Your Dreams and Made in Crises

‘Justin has the experience, energy and inspiration to help you sell with passion and purpose, not just in business but in life. This book is filled with insights that you can use in every situation.’

Joseph Clough

#1 Bestselling author of Be Your Potential International speaker, celebrity coach and hypnotherapist

‘Justin Leigh’s Inspire, Influence, Sell is a terrific book for anyone in sales or sales management, or those interested in learning more about the psychology and systems involved in developing a strong sales function. It’s also a must-read for business owners. The combination of personal stories from Justin’s own experience, his INSPIRe sales system, which is explained clearly and thoroughly in the second half of the book, and the many downloadable tools and worksheets make this an excellent reference guide. I particularly like the fact that building relationships is at the heart of the INSPIRe system. People buy from people. Too many sales books gloss over this in favour of the system or process.’

David B Horne

Award-winning author of Add Then Multiply

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