Creating your Future

With visualisation, you create the future in advance; and with routine practice and clearly defined outcomes, you can make visualisation an extraordinarily effective force in your life.

Done correctly and regularly, visualisation can be a powerful tool to boost your confidence and, in turn, your success. We all visualise a lot of the time but don’t always realise it. We also don’t always realise how visualisation affects us and that we have the power to control our thoughts. Try it for yourself and see. 

Imagining a future that holds incredible success can be difficult and a little scary. Depending on your upbringing, self-image and unconscious programming, it can be stressful to think about a big change, even when that change is positive.

Believe in your goals

I’ve faced this challenge several times in my life. Whenever I’m looking to make a significant change, I’m aware that, on an unconscious level, it’s going to require a considerable amount of effort. I’m not telling you this to put you off but to get you in the right frame of mind – you need to get momentum and maintain it to make a lasting change. During these times in my life, I’ve worked through exercises like the one we’ll look at now to help me create a clear vision of the future I want to achieve and to experience it in advance. 

This is the best way to connect with and believe in the goal you’ve created. The exercise below will help you start to make an unconscious shift in mindset. 

What does the future look like?

Take a few minutes to write down in your journal or notebook why it’s important for you to improve your performance in the future. 

To prepare for this exercise, I recommend doing this: 

Take five deep breaths – in and out. 

Think about a time in the future – at least a year from now. Imagine that you have transformed yourself: 

  • You are the highest-performing salesperson in your organisation. 
  • You have made an incredible impact on yourself and the people around you – your clients, family and friends. 
  • You have become recognised as highly accomplished and successful. 
  • You have unlocked a high level of skill and experience. 
  • You have a strong sense of satisfaction, pride and achievement. 


Make notes in your journal or notebook. 

What does this look like? 

How does this sound? 

What are you feeling about yourself? 

Now that you’ve experienced what it’s like to go through this transformation, let’s look at what you will have achieved. This is an opportunity to address key goal-setting areas and gain greater clarity about what success looks like to you. 

Consider these areas to set yourself performance goals (you don’t need to set goals in all these areas, but make sure you’ve set some in the areas most important to you): 

  • Finances (earnings, savings, investments) 
  • Family (your influence and example) 
  • Career (roles available to you) 
  • Personal growth and development (skills you have mastered and are working on) 
  • Freedom (sense of flow and achievement) 
  • Time (working patterns and personal time) 
  • Life fulfilment (how you feel about yourself and your life)
  • Mastery (being the best you can be) 
  • Your choice – what else is important to you? 


Once you’ve captured these future performance goals, take a few moments to read through them and really connect with them. 

These goals are going to be important for your motivation to change as we go through these articles. They’ll keep your engine running, especially when old habits and behaviour patterns try to resurface. 

I recommend revisiting this exercise regularly to remind yourself of the change you want to produce in your life. This will keep you focused and motivated. You might want to note this page so you can come back to it. 

Before we move on, reflect on this article and write down your thoughts in your journal or notebook.

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Our Mission to elevate the Sales Profession

Many people working in sales today have never been trained to use a true ‘Consultative Selling Approach’. This doesn’t just impact their performance and capability, it affects their confidence and enjoyment of their work. Very often they can feel anxious, uncertain and concerned that they aren’t fulfilling their true potential. Our Founder Justin Leigh knows this only too well from personal experience early in his sales career, before he discovered the impact of personal development and committed himself to lifelong learning and growth.

At Focus4growth we’re on a mission to elevate the Sales Profession! 

Sales should be a position that is respected, professional and trusted. We believe Sales Professionals (and all business professionals) should feel proud of the work they do, have confidence in their abilities, enjoy their work and know they are performing at the highest level possible. When Sales Teams make this transformation, they create enormous value for their clients (and their business) and they begin a positive cycle that continually improves their performance, results and future potential.

This is the reason Focus4growth exists!

About the author

Justin is the founder of Focus4growth Ltd, a Sales & Leadership Coaching company specialising in the dental market. He’s the best selling author of Inspire, Influence, Sell. He has over 25 years’ experience in sales & leadership and is an accredited Executive Coach. Justin runs programs for dental leaders and teams to develop high performance, high growth teams. Justin is privileged to work with market leading dental companies including; Align Technology, Septodont, Biohorizons, W&H, SDI, MiSmile Network and many more. 

In 2020 Justin was invited to partner with the British Dental Industry as their preferred Sales Trainer and works with BDIA member sales teams using the proven INSPIRe consultative sales system. Justin speaks at many events and on behalf of leading associations, like the BACD, the Institute of Directors, the Association of Professional Sales and many more.

Justin is on a mission to show sales leaders and teams how they can achieve ‘best in class’ sales growth. At Focus4growth our vision is to ‘Inspire our Dental Clients with the confidence, capability and consistency so they become the market-leaders in their field.’ 

You can connect with Justin and learn more about how he helps clients become world class here or you can contact him directly by EMAIL

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