When I left the corporate world it was a tough decision. It wasn’t something I planned and it wasn’t something I wanted to do at the time. I had been pursuing my career in Sales & Business leadership and had achieved almost all of my career goals to date through hard work, focus and the support of brilliant teams I had been fortunate enough to work with.

I haven’t told many people this story, but recently I’ve been opening up about it.

In October 2017 I hit a wall! Not a physical wall, a psychological wall. I’d been in a very tough job for almost 3 years, reporting to a Senior Management Team that weren’t cutting me any slack and the cracks were starting to show. At the time I was attempting to protect my own business team and navigate an impossible series of challenges in the market and the business. The pressure was intensifying further and I didn’t realise how badly it was affecting me, until I literally hit a wall!

I had to take some time out to get myself in a better frame of mind, restore my health and wellbeing. It wasn’t going to be a quick fix! I spent a lot of time re-investing in myself, I’d let that personal investment slip in the previous 3 years and needed to redress the balance. I worked through a series of programs, I exercised regularly, I walked in nature a lot and spent a lot of time with my dog, my family and close friends.

I started to write down my thoughts and consider what I might do if I didn’t return to the company I’d been working at. I enrolled in an Executive Coaching Program and revisited the outline of a book I’d aimed to write a few years earlier.

Writing the book was incredibly therapeutic. As a naturally extroverted person sitting and writing wasn’t something I felt naturally drawn towards, but perhaps due to the situation I found myself in, it was incredibly healing. I found myself with a renewed patience to sit at the keyboard, it helped focus my mind, it helped me gain clarity and helped me realise how much experience and value I had to share through the words on the pages.

Three years later…. INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL – Master the psychology, skills & systems of the world’s best sales teams was published.

It’s not until I reflect on it that I realise just how valuable writing the book has been for me, and now, how valuable it can be for other people.

I’ll be sharing some key highlights in articles over the coming weeks and months that I hope will help Sales & Business professionals in their own growth and development. Who knows, it might even be ‘healing reading’ for some of you too.

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Whether you’re new to sales, an experienced sales professional or a leader looking to improve the consistency and performance of your sales organisation, you’ll gain immense value from these articles, the scorecard and the INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL book. Our systems map out a memorable sales process over several steps and also include mastery content for each stage of the system, which will give you deeper insight and expertise. The combination of foundational and specialist material ensures that no matter where you’re starting from, you can become a skilled salesperson.

You might want to work through these articles at the foundational level and return to the Sales Mastery sections once you get to grips with the overall system and have developed your skills. Each article starts with an experience story in which I share relevant, valuable anecdotes. If you prefer to dive straight into the sales system, you can skip that content. These articles are designed to be accessible and flexible, so that you get the most out of them.

As you work through each stage, I suggest you make notes in a journal or notebook. This will help you learn and adopt the content.


Don’t settle for ordinary, if you’re ready let’s start our journey together and your extraordinary transformation. You have greater potential than you ever realised, let’s unlock it!

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