“The ultimate leader is one who is willing to develop people to the point that they eventually surpass him or her in knowledge and ability.”

Fred A. Manske Jr

The toughest role in any practice is the role of the leader, it’s a fact. No one else in a business feels the same levels of pressure and responsibility. It’s easy to believe as leaders you have to have all the answers to all the problems your team bring you, that’s simply not true. In fact, that’s a recipe for disaster!

Unbelievably, a huge 61% of people promoted to leadership roles aren’t given leadership development or training. Even those that are trained don’t get ongoing leadership development support, with 65% of leaders not receiving ongoing leadership development.

The Top 3 Sales Challenges facing our clients today:

1. Having difficult conversations

2. Holding my team accountable

3. Dealing with under-performance

These challenges result in a dominant focus on under performance, leaders get frustrated and the environment becomes reactive & directive.  Team’s motivation and morale declines, they disengage and become resistant & defensive.  Leaders apply more scrutiny to improve performance, it worsens.

It doesn’t have to be this way; the solution is simple and powerful.  We train and coach practice leaders to unlock their leadership superpower and learn proven principles from the world’s greatest leaders.  Our Coaching Leaders Academy uses a blended mentoring and coaching approach to work specifically on leadership development, team performance and business growth.  We will help you to immediately implement the strategies and actions that will help you in your leadership role, so you can create a bigger impact for your practice.

The best leaders in the world work with mentors and coaches to elevate their performance. We all need someone who can see what we can’t see and challenge us to unlock the highest levels of performance and potential.  We simply cannot do it by ourselves.

The responsibilities and variety of leadership roles is easy to underestimate. Working with an experienced coach who has navigated a leadership role can make all the difference to a high-performing or a high-potential leader.

We use a combination of the best coaching models available in the world, integrated into our ‘Connect, Contract, Coach’ model and the Coaching Leaders Academy.


Talk to us about how we can help you improve your results through the growth of your organisation’s most important asset, its people!

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