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Learn how to lead your team and grow your practice.

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The Practice Growth Academy for Principals!

We work with dental practice principals and partners to help them get the leadership development they need, to build a thriving, growing and profitable practice.

Why do I do this?

I started my career in dentistry (as a dental technician) and went on to become a Sales Leader, Business Leader and Executive Coach. Throughout my 25 years leading business teams I had significant investment in my professional development. Along the way I’ve developed a series of tools and assets that helped me create a growth plan, engage my team and accelerate performance & results. I love working with clients to help them implement the same approach in their practices, so they gain the confidence and focus to run thriving, profitable practices where their teams love to work.

Why does that matter for you?

I’ve been fortunate to be mentored and coached for over 20 years by some incredible leaders inside and outside of dentistry. Most dentists have been mentored to be amazing clinicians and run good dental practices, but they haven’t been trained to lead their team and run a growing, thriving business. The skills that help you to be a great clinician, are completely different from the skills you need to becoming a great business leader. I’m here to help you bridge that gap.

Investing in your leadership development, helps you gain confidence to lead your practice team, communicate more effectively and drive higher growth & profitability. 

The Solution

The Power of Leadership!

Developing your capability to lead your dental practice is both essential and transformational.

Becoming part of a community of Principals who are focusing on leadership, team coaching and practice growth helps everyone grow together.

Start by creating your Practice Growth Plan, get clear on your goals and aspirations for your practice and team. Share your plan with your peers to gain feedback, support and inspiration.

Once you’re clear on your plan, you can start to share it with your team to help them get excited about the growth journey ahead.

Developing yourself as a ‘Coaching Leader’ will help you to stop micromanaging and start leading your practice team. Using the COACH model, you start to; introduce coaching conversations to your team, strengthen your relationships, agree performance standards & expectations and enable your team to improve performance, through coaching. Finally, help your team prioritise their personal development, so you start to see the potential for elevating the key people in your team, and they take greater responsibility for running the practice.

This is the journey you’ll go on with the Practice Growth Academy  for Principals. 

Our clients say it best.

Justin’s style is fantastic.

He really delivers, in terms of Practice Growth planning, communication skills, ethical selling and coaching a practice team.

The course fulfilled all my expectations. I think it is something most dentists need to do. 

Paul Abrahams

Clinical Director – Dentex

An amazing course!

Justin is so inspiring. He really helps to put a consistent practice growth process in place. Understanding the way we should do things more effectively, and efficiently is all part of the programme.

I have really enjoyed it and thoroughly recommend it! 

Sameer Patel

Co Founder & Clinical Director – Elleven Dental Wellness

So how will we help you?

We’ll guide you through the workshops, give you step-by-step support, to lead your practice and achieve the results you want.

We’re invested in your success!

If you’d like to see me explain it, you can watch the video below:

Justin has an impressive background.

I’ve done plenty of other business courses but it’s important to continuously learn more. I wanted to really refine our Practice Growth and sales process. Justin has helped us to make progress in our communication, sales and our coaching approach. 

Sanjay Shah

Founder (Former) – Together Dental

Justin has a lot of leadership experience and he’s a great coach. Justin leads our MiSmile Diamond club and speaks at our events.  The feedback from our team and members is always positive, Justin has an enthusiasm and positivity that leaves people feeling uplifted. He’s also developed models and principles that help to implement the ideas he shares. 

Sandeep Kumar

Founder & CEO - MiSmile Network

Why the Practice Growth Academy Works:

The Right Plan

We help you create your own Practice Growth Plan that’s personal to you and your team. Then we help you commit to communicate and implement the plan with your practice team using our Practice Growth Toolkit. 

The Right Support

You’ll get weekly access to support through our coaching workshops. You also get quarterly in person workshops where we go deep into the principles of growth and the actions you need to take.

The Right Community & Accountability

When you’re surrounded by other Principals and Leaders on the same growth journey, you can’t help but be inspired. As you share your goals and progress you’ll be buoyed up by the support you receive, not pulled back to the past reality. Remember you become the same as the people you spend the most time with, be selective about who you choose! 

Now you’ve watched the video are you ready to secure your place among the Practice Growth Academy Principals?

Well to recap, this is what you will become a part of… 

We want to work with you for 12 months, because we know successful journeys are a partnership. 

We’ll support you to implement your plans and make changes that are sustainable in your practice.

So, that journey starts with a simple monthly payment plan of:

ONLY £595 +vat pm*

Plus VAT, billed monthly for 13 months.

Join us today.

Take your leadership and your growth seriously over the next 12 months.

I’ve picked up loads of great insights on this course that I’m implementing. Justin is very engaging and what I like is that he allows the group to talk and share experiences. The style and pace is really good. Coaching is such a valuable skill to learn. I definitely recommend you check it out.” 

Milad Shadrooh (The Singing Dentist)

Principal – Chequers Dental Surgery

“I would definitely recommend this course. You will get so many pearls of wisdom from him and his past experiences. The course content is excellent and the group work really helps create best practice in communication, sales and coaching.” 

Kin Parekh

Principal - Campbell Dental Practice

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