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Optional use of the Focus4Growth Leadership Assessment Platform (F4G LAP)

The best leaders in the world work with mentors and coaches to elevate their performance. The responsibilities and variety of leadership roles is easy to underestimate. Working with an experienced coach who has navigated a leadership role can make all the difference to a high-performing or a high-potential leader.

We all need someone who can see what we can’t see and challenge us to unlock the highest levels of performance and potential.

We simply cannot do it by ourselves.

In this program you will be working with an experienced former sales or business leader. We’ll be using a blended mentoring and coaching approach to work specifically on leadership development, team performance and business growth.

You will embark on a six-month program of coaching with an accredited Focus4Growth coach. Choose from six deep coaching sessions (monthly) or twelve one-hour focus sessions (fortnightly). Each client has a preference for one or the other of these options, depending on their role, commitments and leadership needs.

The creation of time and space to focus on leadership development is a common trait that great leaders share.

This programme has the option to use the powerful leadership diagnostic tools to assess the key components of leadership capability.

Developed by the Focus4Growth team in collaboration with a hand-picked group of 15 high performing industry leaders, the F4G LAP assesses leadership capability.

Each leader receives a comprehensive LAP report that includes ‘360’ degree feedback to inform their executive coaching programme and development plan.

Our coaches will engage, inspire and create personal accountability for your leaders. The results are awakening and transformational.

We’re confident this is one of the leading platforms available today.

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