Success leaves clues. Learn from people you admire or want to be like.

Tony Robbins

Sales programs for organisations

Our flagship Sales Training Program based on thebestselling book INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL.

This program is designed with our client in mind.We start by inviting the team to complete the Sales Acceleration Scorecard to assess the sales teams’ current performance levels.

We use the data from your Scorecard to shape the program content.

The program covers the three foundations of World Class Sales Performance:

1 – Psychology
2 – Skills
3 – Systems

We start with models from positive psychology and mindset. Then we utilise the simple but powerful ‘Prepare²’ framework. Finally, we work through the best-in-class ‘INSPIRe Sales System’.

All of our workshops are interactive, highly engaging and focused on action and implementation. Tailored to suit the organisation and team’s needs these workshops are truly transformational for sales teams and leaders.

The model has been designed to be incredibly easy for leaders to coach and embed the new behaviours as their teams apply them in the field.

Sales Acceleration Mastermind

Our follow-on program ‘Sales Acceleration Mastermind’ is a monthly sales workshop session (hosted on Zoom) to support leaders and teams to accelerate growth. The focus is on improving performance and increasing sales growth. Sales teams (and leaders) bring their priorities, challenges and questions to the workshop sessions where they get the time, space and expertise to address them.

Led by a highly experienced Focus4Growth trainer, the team leave each session with clarity, focus, the tools and motivation to succeed. These truly are ‘Sales Acceleration Sessions’.

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